MUCH TOO SHY £6.00 George stars with Jimmy Clitheroe, released in 1942 with four great songs. Subtitles for the hard of hearing.
GEORGE IN CIVVY STREET £6.00 Five Formby numbers, this was George Formby’s last film, released in 1946. Subtitles for the hard of hearing.
SOUTH AMERICAN GEORGE £6.00 George plays a dual role in this film. His first for Columbia and released in 1941. Subtitles for the hard of hearing.
LOOKING BACK AT FORMBY £10.00 The Friday Show. This is the cleanest version available. This version is a fully restored version taken from the GFS archives. Length is 37 minutes. Looking Back At George Gary Marsh takes us through George’s life with the help of friends and associates. Again, a fully restored version for the GFS archives. Length is 29 minutes. In Conversation. Founder member John Walley and GFS President Gerry Mawdsley discus Formby, the birth of the GFS and the people who helped to create it. Length is 34 minutes.
THE GEORGE FORMBY NEWSREEL £10.00 The DVD contains 35 items featuring or closely associated with George Formby. The programme runs for one hour 57 minutes but any one clip can be accessed by negotiating the various menus contained within the disc. Some of the clips are not 1st generation quality but all are interesting and I have used the best items that I could find or borrow from friends. George Formby was filmed and photographed so many times but the filmed clips are rarely shown
Seven Classic Films No Limit Let George Do It Turned Out Nice Again I See Ice Spare A Copper It’s In The Air Come On George
FEATHER YOUR NEST £8.50 George in the recording studio. Leaning On A Lamp Post. This dvd contains three other rare Ealing films including a classic early Sherlock Holmes mystery.
THE GEORGE FORMBY FILM COLLECTION £20.00 This DVD boxset contains seven George Formby films made at Columbia studios: Bell-Bottom George Get Cracking I Didn’t Do It Much Too Shy
George In Civvy Street He Snoops To Conquer South American George
An Ealing studios film from 1937 where George takes to the boxing ring to win the girl
of his dreams!
George stars in this 1936 comedy where he tries to get his hands on an inheritance left to him by his aunt. Needless to say, things are not as straight forward as they should be!
One of George’s pre-war Ealing comedies from 1939 where he turns amateur
detective when he is swindled out of his racing winnings!
2021 Sixtieth Anniversary Edition Double DVD featuring every song from the 20
Formby films with Interactive menus.