1. When We Feather Our Nest 2. Thirty Thirsty Sailors 3. It’s Turned Out Nice Again 4. Imagine Me On The Maginot Line 5. You Can’t Keep A Growing Lad Down 6. The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown 7. She’s Got Two Of Everything 8. Radio Bungalow Town 9. Count Your Blessings And Smile 10. I Wonder Who’s Under Her Balcony Now 11. You’ll Be Far Better Off In A Home 12. I’m Saving Up For Sally 13. Oh! Don’t The Wind Blow Cold 14. Bunkum’s Travelling Show 15. It’s No Use Looking At Me 16. Swing Mama 17. The Wedding Of Mr Wu 18. Delivering The Morning Milk 19. It Might Have Been A Great Deal Worse
20. The Farmers Boy 21. The V Sign Song 22. Down The Old Coal Hole 23. Easy Going Chap 24. The Blue Eyed Blonde Next Door 25. On The H.M.S. Cowheel 26. Share And Share Alike 27. Hold Your Hats On 28. The Old Cane Bottom Chair 29. We’ve Been A Long Time Gone 30. Sally The Salvage Queen 31. If You Don’t Want The Good Don’t Maul ‘Em 32. Thanks Mr Roosevelt 33. You’ve Got Something There 34. In My Little Snapshot Album 35. Sunbathing In The Park 36. The Wash House At The Back 37. Pardon Me 38. They Laughed When I Started To Play
The George Formby Songbook No 3