1. I Was Christened With A Horseshoe 2. My Little Wooden Toolshed In the Garden 3. If I Had A Girl Like You 4. I Went All Hot And Cold 5. Up In The Air And Down In The Dumps 6. She’s Never Been Seen Since Then 7. Mr Wu Is Now An Air Raid Warden 8. Happy Go Lucky Me 9. I’d Do It With A Smile 10. Unconditional Surrender 11. I’m Going To Stick To My Mother 12. I Always Get To Bed By Half Past Nine 13. A Lad From Lancashire 14. Come Hither With Your Zither 15. She Can’t Say No 16. As The Hours And The Days…. 17. The Emeror Of Lancashire 18. You Can’t Love Two Girls At The Same Time
19. I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask 20. Let’s All Go To Reno 21. Swim Little Fish 22. Quick Fire Medley 23. Running Round The Fountains 24. Gallant Dick Turpentine 25. Riding Around On A Rainbow 26. Ring Your Little Bell 27. Who Are You A Shoving Of? 28. It Could Be 29. Sitting pretty With My Fingers Crossed 30. The Fiddler Kept On Fiddling 31. Does Your Dream Book Tell You That 32. John Willie’s Jazz Band 33. Ordinairy people 34. I’m A Froggie 35. I Played On My Spanish Guitar 36. The Mad March Hare
The George Formby Songbook No 5